About Azim" a sculptor/artist working in bronze, metals, stone and wood.

Azim Azarkheil


My name is Azim Azarkheil, a sculptor, graduated from the faculty of fine arts of the University of Tehran. I was born on April 29, 1975 and spent most of my childhood, apart from attending school, in the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, which is the only organization to discover the talents and to blossom creativity in the fields of art. I had the chance to know about clay and sculpture at the same place when I was five years old and I have been engaged professionally in this field for about twenty years.

Nature has always been my inspiration to create works of sculpture. Good vision and audition induce me different ideas and astonishing interpretations that it is the source of pure and avant-garde artworks for me. Historical fictions and conceptual words like freedom, love, war, peace, life and family and so on are also another source of ideas and creativity in my works. In this big world with different people and a myriad of minds, I let my soul and mind fly free to attract what is seeping into my life. The great truth of my life is to understand in the language of creation.


1- Participated in the Ninth Group Exhibition of the Four Sides Fiction; Tehran, Iran; 2016
2- Participated in the Individual Hyper Real Sculptures held in Rahnan Hammam Museum; Isfahan, Iran; 2016
3- Participated in the Individual Hyper Real Sculptures Exhibition held in Assarkhaneh Shahi Museum; Isfahan, Iran; 2015
4- Participated in the First Exhibition of Hyper Real Sculpture; Baghdad, Iraq; 2014
5- Participated in the Fifth Group Exhibition of Small Sculptures; Tehran, Iran; 2010
6- Participated in the Forth Group Exhibition of Bienal Volume held by Saba Cultural and Art Institute (SCAI); Tehran, Iran; 2005
7- Participated in the Third Group Exhibition entitled the Art of Spiritual; Tehran, Iran; 2005
8- Participated in the Thirty Eighth Exhibition of the Countries on the Equator; Athens, Greece; 2004
9- Participated in the Individual Volume Exhibition held in the Permanent Gallery at University of Tehran; Tehran, Iran; 2001
10- Research Group Member of Fine and Studio Arts Faculty at University of Tehran for a Study trip to Rome, Florence and Venice, Italy and Paris, France; 2000
11- Participated in the First Group Exhibition of University Students; Tehran, Iran; 1999
12- Participated in the First Group Exhibition of Trienal Volume held in Museum of Contemporary Art; Tehran, Iran; 1996
13- Participated in the Seventh Nationwide Youth Group Exhibition; Mashhad, Iran; 1993


1- Selected works for participation in the permanent exhibition at Skironio Museum Polychronopoulos; Athena, Greece; 2004
2- Won the second prize and awarded a diploma for participation in the First Exhibition of Sports and Art held by National Olympic Academy; Tehran, Iran; 2003
3- Won the second prize and awarded a diploma for participation in Nationwide Universities Visual Tournament; Tehran, Iran; 1999